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We Sold Our Park Model

After 62 days on the market (which seemed like an eternity), we sold our Park Model to a California couple.

Our Buyers

After 6 years we have some great memories here, but it was time to move on . . . almost all of the friends we knew at the park have left, and it ain’t getting any cheaper to stay at Crazy Horse.

L-34 Looking Empty Now
Where did all our stuff go?
Right next door . . .

Our next door neighbor is letting us stay in their place (L-33) for a few weeks.

By the way, those long cardboard boxes are a Thuma bed (

Anyway, moving our stuff right next door was ideal and easy. Park model L-33 where we’re staying has a great porch setup . . .

Happy Dog

. . . and it has an upstairs loft which — because of the height — is like a bedroom for five-year-olds.

The Loft

And the sunsets are as good as ever . . .

COMING SOON: Where are we headed next?