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Besides that, Mrs Lincoln . . .

A few weeks ago I was going to do a write up of our experience putting two new tires on our RV, but, Geez Louise, a “few things” have popped up in the interim. THE PLAGUE!!!

I was waiting for things to “settle down”, but that doesn’t appear to be happening anytime soon, so . . .

February 1

Boat Fire

Imagine, this was a newsworthy event here two months ago.


February 8

Brush Fire

They’ve nuked Havasu! Turns out it was a “controlled burn”.


February 12

During our Jeep ride to Kingman to pick up our RV with its newly installed two front tires, we ran over this . . .

Tire Killer

It took out our rear passenger tire in short order. I was able to replace the tire pretty quickly, but I had an incredibly stupid thought while doing it . . . I thought the flat tire would be much lighter because all the air was out of it. Wow!


Through the Tire and into the Plastic Fender


March 16

And then it started . . .

Paper products?


Social Distancing


Scoring TP Online — Don’t be jealous. It’s single ply (at best), so one roll per poop.


Everyone’s Wearing Gloves and Masks


March 24

The campground Honey Wagon collapses. These things work by suction so what sort of turd plugged its straw?

Honey Wagon Implodes


March 29

Autoformer installation. Basically, I just moved our RV autoformer inside the electrical compartment. I also added a couple of plugs so that I could reroute incoming power in case of component failure. (By the way, autoformers are used to “boost” low campground voltage. Typically, this happens in summer when everyone is using their air conditioners.)



Visual Aid of what I did


March 31

Under-the-sink reverse osmosis unit updated in the RV.

Also messy, but it beats buying bottled water


And now this . . .

Like many of you, we’re watching a boatload of television. Here’s one of our favorites coming to Netflix this Tuesday (April 7th) . . .

Terrace House – Tokyo 2019-2020 (Part 3)


Who can forget the Episode 9 Risaka – Hiruka girl fight . . .

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  1. Jim & Mariann #

    Well, your staying busy. Are you working in CA. This summer, or is it closed?

    April 4, 2020
  2. Mary Hughes #

    The Honey Wagon pic is soooo sad! It looks like it just … gave up. Lots to take in on this post Tom.. Plenty O’ Action! Glad despite several factors – you & Jan are safe and sound. Mary

    April 5, 2020

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