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Crow Butte Park (Paterson, WA)

Crow Butte Park on the Columbia River Island (click to enlarge)

We stayed at camp site #28 in Crow Butte Campground for five nights. It was great!

Many of the sites are large pull-throughs and there’s plenty of space between sites. Though the Columbia riverside sites, including ours, are close to the river, you have to walk through narrow trails to get down to the river. Plus, there are rattlesnake warnings everywhere.

I will obey


Our Site #28



There’s a small swimming beach near the park. Flirt loved it, but it was wading depth only.

I want to swim, not wade


Crow Butte Beach


While we were investigating the beach, several flocks of pelicans flew over our heads.


The campground is full of sycamore trees that are “shedding”. Mowing the grass becomes something new.



Finally, during our first night we saw a line of blinking red lights in the distance. Airport? UFO landing base? Neither. Turns out they were aircraft warning lights on the tops of wind towers. Weird, but interesting.

These lights merit a reality show