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Verizon Prepaid $65 Unlimited Jetpack DataPlan Ends 5/21/19

This data plan is a very good deal for RVers, especially full timers like myself.

In a nutshell, this Verizon plan provides a data plan with no caps (“unlimited”). However, the plan is networked managed which means from time to time you may experience slow downs in your data speed. This unlimited plan has been around for a while and, generally, people who have it like it. Here’s the poop from Mobile Internet Resource Center.

To get this plan, you’ll have to open a Verizon account. In fact even if you currently have Verizon service, it’s recommended that you open another account to ensure that Verizon doesn’t screw up your current service. This is what I did.


(1) Go to this Verizon Prepaid Plan Web Page

(2) Near the bottom of this page under Tablet & Jetpack Plans, select Shop now:

(3) Next, select an Internet device. NOTE: It’s been reported that the 8800 Jetpack is also available. However, you’ll have to talk a salesman into selling you one:

I went with the unpopular USB730L


(4) Finally, after selecting a device, you select the Unlimited data plan from this page:

The plan will cost $65/month if you sign up for Auto Pay


Here are the plan specifics (“fine print”):

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