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Blogpocalypse Two – The Island Park

Grand Island Park (click on map to enlarge)

Grand Island Park was an unexpected find. I mean that literally. The park is in the middle of the island between a hoity toity gated community and the dessert. It’s like you’re not supposed to know it’s there . . . oh, wait . . . ah . . . now I see.

Anyway, apparently it’s the place to go if you’re a Disc Golf which I didn’t know was a thing until Flirt and I found the park.

At first, the park looked unused. But after a few weeks of walking through the park, I noticed more and more dog turds left in the park so it looks like the rabble has discovered Grand Island.

Let the Walking Begin . . .

Ready, Set, Walk!


We pass Stubby’s grave . . .

Leave a Stone for Stubby


And walk over the giant “20” old airport marking . . .

Jan on Top of the “O” of “20”


About this time Flirt comes off leash . . .


Then the Yellow (black) Brick (asphalt) Road (sidewalk) of Grand Island Park begins . . .

Time To Get Out My Passport


At the north end of the park, time for a roll on the burnt grass . . .


Next stop . . .



Finally, we round the south end of the park near the fragrant Acacia tree . . .

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  1. nj #

    looks like a good discovery. T & J. Flirt loves it!

    February 7, 2019
  2. Mary Hughes #

    Quite the odyssey Tom & Jan.. glad the Harpies AND Medea didn’t find you. Mary


    February 7, 2019

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