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We’re Staying!

We’re Adding a Room to Our Park Model (click on drawing to enlarge)


Up until about a week ago, we were dead set on eventually selling our Arizona park model and then buying a “real” house, probably back in Wisconsin where both Jan and I spent most of our life

Well . . .

About a week ago when Jan talked with our financial planner about our plans, he said “Why would you want to move back to Wisconsin?”

Good question. Really good question.

While it might seem like we changed our minds rather quickly, I believe we’ve been thinking about permanently staying in Arizona for a long time. We love the SouthWest. With our RV, we’re close to a number of absolutely superb places . . . the desert, Grand Canyon, Sedona, full hookup AZ state parks, Zion and Bryce, Coachella (check out Blackpink), CA Sierras, . . . . Also, we’re “hooked” into the community now, especially Jan. (I have to schedule using our Jeep because she’s so busy.) Our doctors are here. And, of course, those scarlet sunsets . . .

The was actually taken in Barstow, CA — but it’s still a SouthWest Sunset

Finally, Flirt loves it here. She goes on long walks, swims in Lake Havasu, plays with neighbor dogs, watches EVERYTHING from our porch (especially that white cat).

To cement our decision to stay, we’re in the process of adding a room to our park model. It will serve as a guest bedroom and Jan’s artsy fartsy room. This will increase our park model square footage to around 530 square feet. That’s living!

Anyway, I’m motivated as hell now, so it only took two days to finish the Demolition Phase of the room addition . . .

Click on photo to enlarge


We’ll keep you posted on our progress . . .