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North Lake Day Trip . . . It’s All About the Road

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Lake Sabrina, South Lake, and North Lake are all up the road (Highway 168) from us.

We’ve been to South Lake. We’ve been to Lake Sabrina. We’ve been to both South Lake and Lake Sabrina.

But we’ve never taken that right turn on Highway 168 to North Lake . . . until last Thursday.

Here’s our best picture of North Lake:

Here’s Jan being cold as hell at 9,200 feet . . .

Finally, I don’t remember the drive up to North Lake. I think I blacked out. You see, about 2 miles of the trip up were negotiating a one-lane road with sheer drop offs. I know we encountered a couple of huge pickup trucks coming down the mountain as we drove up, and we survived.

Now you tell me

Since we had the inside lane on the drive down, we felt emboldened to film it.

That’s Flirt panting in the back seat.