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Crack #2 & TPMS Fixes

And now more of this . . .

Whilst cleaning the Corian stove cover, I noticed a lonnnnng crack on the back side of the cover:

Behold! A nasty crack.


Here’s the Bird’s-Eye Lowdown View

Since we’re leaving Lake Havasu City in a few days, I came up with this kludge — glue a thick piece of metal to the back side:

Here’s the Prep . . .

Here’s the result . . .

Yeah, it’s heavy


TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) Fix

After we discovered that one of our back tires was flat — without us knowing about it, we decided to put in a TPMS which monitors our RV’s tire pressure and temperature.

TPMS Sensor on Each Tire


Constantly Monitors Tire Pressure and Temps


While it’s a great system, the battery in a sensor can go dead. So I spent Sunday replacing the batteries in a couple of sensors . . . easy peasy . . .

Little Sensor Batteries