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Redneck Leak Fix

But first a photo from our Valentine’s Day Jeep trip to McCracken Mine . . .

McCracken Mine

McCracken Mine (that’s Marv in the photo)


There’s a leak in the roof of our washer/dryer shed. I discovered it a year ago, but just haven’t bothered to fix it.

To properly repair it, I really should remove the roof shingles and reroof the shed. However, I’m not motivated. Since it doesn’t rain often, I came up with a shortcut that should work  . . .

01 - Attach an aluminum paint tray . . .

01 – Attach an aluminum paint tray . . .

02 - . . . under the roof vent . . .

02 – . . . under the roof vent . . .

03 - . . . and drain the water outside

03 – . . . and drain the water outside



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  1. Kathy graff #

    Deb and I appreciate your ingenuity. Very nicely done. By the way, Deb and I got married on 1/20/17, Inauguration Day, to formalize our union of 33 years. We thought our marriage would interject some happiness into an otherwise dismal day…

    February 18, 2017
    • Congrats! 33 years, yikes! Time does fly, eh? Yeah, the next four years promises to be a shit storm. I wrote a letter to the editor of our local paper comparing this election to the election of 1864 when Lincoln ran against a popular general during the Civil War. The point of my letter was that the US has been through worse times. I’m not so sure anymore.

      On the brighter side . . . we’re headed to SXSW in Austin in March and then a gulf coast tour for a few months. We’ll be back in WI in the summer. Love to see you guys.

      Are you and Deb still thinking about RVing? Keep in mind that if you decided to become a full timer, you could probably pick another state to domicile in. That may be important in the near term.

      February 18, 2017
      • Kathy graff #

        We would love to see you and Jan this summer so let us know when you’ll be in town. We don’t plan on being full time RVers but it would be great to talk with you about your experiences. We’re going to the RV show at the WI state fair park in early march ( we did same last year) and will check out what they have. Deb wants to start out small with a truck camper and I feel the same way. We can always go bigger if we want. And for now, because Rose is in college, we want to do short trips.

        Your plan to visit Austin and tour the gulf coast sounds great. Deb and I have west Texas on our bucket list to view the stars. I’m going to have to learn to photograph at night–what fun!

        Ditto on your thoughts about the US being through worse times. It’s all just unbelievable–like being in an alternate universe.

        February 19, 2017

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