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Letter To The Editor

Sent this to the local newspaper, The Inyo Register:

On Saturday May 28th, my wife and I plunked down $30 for two Mule Days Main Arena bleacher seats.

We were looking forward to seeing the Team Pack Scramble . . . but then the event announcer started talking.

First, let me say that as a veteran, I avoid Memorial Day events. To me they are often celebrated by politicians who attempt to wrap themselves with an American flag or by speakers who never wore a military uniform yet who speak as if they led the charge off the beach.

Unfortunately, the speaker at the Mule Days Main arena didn’t disappoint.

He started the event by describing the mountains as “The government says they own them. We’d like to think we own them. They belong to god.”

This was followed by a short prayer to “our savior Jesus Christ,” admiration for all the “true Americans” attending Mule Days, and then lavish praise for California’s 8th Congressional District Representative Paul Cook who gave a short speech.

The speaker also said that Mule Days was trying to become more international this year. Really?

Has the speaker taken a look at this year’s Mule Days audience? Besides those who may have been of the Jewish faith, I saw a fair number of visitors from Asia whose savior may not be Jesus.

Finally, I didn’t know my $30 was going towards supporting local politician Paul Cook’s re-election this November. Were the other candidates in the 8th Congressional District invited speak at Mule Days?

Let’s keep religion and politics out of Mule Days.

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  1. #

    Well said, brother. I heartily agree with what you wrote and the stand you took. I’m sure the speaker who included christian sentiments, was sure he had endeared himself to the crowd. Apparently he didn’t take a good look at the crowd. Communication 101 tells you to KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. What a schmuck! Kath

    May 30, 2016
  2. emhuze609 #

    Thanks Tom for calling out the bullcrap that was handed out at a seemingly public event by one asshole whose narrow-minded concept of ‘public’ is an exclusive membership of ‘christian-whites-only’. You will now probably be condemned as one of those ‘socialist, politically-correct, atheist, unpatriotic, christian-bashers. I hope they have the courage to post your letter. The world is waiting for the birth of tolerance.


    May 30, 2016
  3. Wally #

    So Tom, you’ve turned into a crank who writes letters to the editor? Funny. Gotta be careful out there in right wing country. When my Uncle put up an Obama sign in small town Texas, he got threatening letters. Lotta nuts!

    May 30, 2016
  4. Ken Harrison #

    Tom, thank you so much for your response to the Mule Days incident. It is getting more and more unfortunate that many people in this country forget the First Amendment, and insist this is a Christian country when by all historical standards it is not. I mean to say that some of the founding fathers themselves were deists who held no particular faith, and others were atheists. They came here to get away from, among other things, the dictatorial position of the Church of England. The Treaty of Tripoli (I think it was unanimously approved by the Senate in 1778) further makes that clear. It is time for politicians and religious zealots to realize that they should keep their feelings to themselves, and stand out of the way of those of use who simply want to lead our lives as our consciences dictate

    May 31, 2016

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