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New DISH Hopper 3

Updated 1/20/2016

Hopper 3 Logo_RGB

Some DISH dealer information . . .


Just announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the DISH Hopper 3 is a major leap forward in satellite TV technology as well as a boon to RVers. See WIREDVerge, or CNET articles.

This new DISH Whole-House (or RV) DVR features the following:


  • 16 tuners (Yikes !!!)
  • USB 3.o – allows connecting fast hard drives to a Hopper 3.
  • 4K ULTRA HD capabilities
  • Broadcom BCM7445 Quad Core ARM @ 1.5 GHz chipset (It’s really fast)
  • New “Carbon” user interface (Looks like DirecTV now)
  • 2 TB hard drive (like the other older Hoppers)
  • YouTube app (Yes!)
  • HopperGO – a 64GB hard drive with a built-in private WiFi network that allows you to take your favorite Hopper 3 shows wherever you go. (Available in Spring for a one-time $99 fee).
  • Hopper 3 available in January for $15/month. Some users (?) will be able to get a free upgrade.
  • Only one Hopper 3 available per antenna. You can connect up to 6 Joeys to a Hopper 3, but that’s it — you can’t connect another Hopper 3 ( Hopper 2 or 1), or a SuperJoey.
  • Simplified Wiring – you’ll only need 1 wire from your Winegard Travler or a portable satellite dish to connect a Hopper 3.


  • Hopper 3 requires DPH (DISH Pro Hybrid) equipment and if you use a portable dish, it must be a 1000.2 with a DPH LNB, not a 1000.4 dish. If you have a Winegard Travler SK-1000, you must upgrade the current DISH Pro Plus (DPP) LNB to a DPH. See Winegard Travler DPH Upgrade Instructions.
  • You can only have ONE Hopper 3. While 16 tuners is great, so is redundancy . . . some folks (including me) have more than one Hopper as a backup — if one fails, you can still watch TV. With one Hopper 3 and some Joeys . . . if your Hopper 3 takes a powder, you’re SOL because your Joeys need a Hopper.
  • You must use a 1000.2 dish. Sure, that means you can use your Winegard Travler (once it’s converted to DPH), but 1000.4 or 1000+ dishes will not work. Note: an Eastern Arc DPH LNB is available along with the Western Arc DPH LNB for the 1000.2.

New Hopper 3 with New Remote (same footprint as other two Hoppers)

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