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Burning Man & the Rough Fire

Rough Fire & Burning Man

Rough Fire & Burning Man

For about a month, the Rough Fire has been burning uncontrolled just over the mountains from us.

We’ve been lucky as the smoke from the fire has been barely noticeable in Bishop — until last night.

When we took the dogs out at dusk yesterday, it smelled like every person in Bishop had a campfire going. Everywhere you turned, there was a light fog of smoke.

So we hunkered down inside our RV.

This morning it was much better, but the Rough Fire is at about 60,000 acres and only 25% controlled.

Meanwhile . . .

The Burning Man Festival starts soon (August 30 – September 7) and is held in the Black Rock Desert north of Reno.

We’ve had a few people stay at the campground on their way to the festival. Holy Dashiki, Batman, it was like 1968 again.

Too much fun.