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Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest

Sierra View @ Vista Point

Sierra View @ Vista Point (Click to Enlarge)

On Saturday afternoon we drove the Jeep to the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest which is at about 11,100 feet. Since we started at 4,100 feet in Bishop,CA, that’s 7,000 feet of driving up. We could tell.

Besides popping our ears every now and then, there were those precipitous drop offs along the road (see one of the videos below).


The Trip (Click to Enlarge)

It was a 38-mile, 2-hour drive from Bishop to Bristlecone.

But more than half the trip was climbing those 7,000 feet, and it was SLOW driving.

Near the top we started seeing patches of snow. Nothing much, but in former years we would not have been able to drive there because snow would have blocked the roads.

Welcome to the Great California Drought.

When we arrived at the Bristlecone Forest Ranger Station, we took a short hike down the Methuselah Walk Trail and took some photos and videos of the area. The pine smell was incredibly strong in the clean mountain air.

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