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Shed 2 — The Wrath of Jan

We spend about $10/week washing and drying our clothes at a laundromat. So a little over $500/year.

However, probably more important than the money is hauling heaps of laundry around town — a drag especially when the temps rise.

The drag is on Jan because she does the laundry. She won’t let me do it because clothes suffer when I’m at the helm.

So . . . we’ve watched with envy as other park model owners acquired washer/dryers.

Long story short, I decided to build a shed (#2) to house a washer and dryer. I had helped our friends Jim & Marianne build their shed last year and picked up the basics of Shedology:  pouring a concrete slab . . . framing the shed . . . plumbing water & sewer lines . . . running electrical lines . . . etc, etc.

Started on February 7th and finished on the 20th. It was fun most of the time.

The photo saga (missed the part where Jim put in the shingle roof — sorry, Jim) . . .

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