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5th Annual Havasu Balloon Festival

The 5th Annual Havasu Balloon Festival (January 16 – 18) is winding down.

From what we remember of last year’s fest, 2015’s was much bigger — more balloons, more RVs, more people. Lake Havasu was crowded. It was great fun.

Both Jan & I made attempts to see more of the festival this year. Jan checked out the action at Rotary Park Saturday morning, and both Jan & I got up early enough on Sunday to see the mass balloon ascension. However, getting breakfast in a local restaurant was waitful as everyone else thought it was a good idea too.

The Havasu fest is much smaller than Albuquerque’s (70 balloons compared to 700), but I think the scenery is better — balloons + mountains + water.

Here are some photos and video from the festival . . .

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