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108V and Dropping


108V_01_VoltmeterWith the now steady 100-degree-plus temperatures here in Lake Havasu City, we surprisingly are having more visitors to our park on weekends.

Apparently, since it’s also hot in California, a lot of Californians are driving to Crazy Horse, and when that happens the voltage in the park drops as more air conditioners and microwaves are used.

We use a plug-in voltage meter to measure the park voltage coming into our park unit (or motorhome), and when the voltage drops below 108V, it’s time to hook up our voltage regulator.

Basically, it can “boost” incoming voltage by up to 10% — so 108V becomes 118V.

Since low voltage can harm motors (like a refrigerator compressor), we choose to boost.

On the bright side  . . .

Work continues on our water softener shed. We should have it done in another few weeks and then we can have our rental softener installed.

The Shed

The Shed

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  1. Mary Konopka #

    Temps in the 100’s! Oh my… I’m worried about Tuesday when it’s suppose to hit 88 degrees. Interesting, I see more insects when it’s really hot. A 90 degree day is a good day to look for butterflies. Do you notice a difference in the animal world? How are the doggies managing with this?

    June 15, 2014
  2. Jan #

    Afternoon siestas are mandatory here as the temps hit their high in the afternoon. Mornings are for walks and playing on the porch. Mornings are glorious. Our girls love it. Roadrunners abound. We have hummingbirds, but I have to get a feeders to attract them to our little haven.

    I think humidity makes your 88 hotter. We will face that soon with the Arizona Monsoon season starting next month.

    June 15, 2014
  3. nancy #

    Isn’t iced tea wonderful!

    June 27, 2014

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