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Flirt Meets a Buddy at the Lion’s Dog Park

LakeHavasu_Dec12-10_05_Dog_Park_01Almost since we arrived in November, we try to get our Golden Retrievers (Ellie & Flirt) to the local dog park as often as possible.

Ellie is over 12 years old so we can’t take her as often as Flirt — who, with her energy, could go there several times a day.

However, when we take Ellie, she barks, prances, and runs for a good 10 seconds. Then that’s pretty much for her.

On the other hand, Flirt is . . .  well, very active. We watched a TV show on the type of dogs used for bomb and drug detection. Bomb detection dogs are slow and methodical while drug sniffing dogs attempt to be at all places at once, constantly moving with zero attention span — Flirt.

Lion’s Dog Park is about a mile from our campground. So we open the hatch to our Honda CRV, load the dogs, and a few minutes later they’re running with the pack.


Last week Flirt met up with two other Goldens (one with just 3 legs) and it was playtime . . .