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USA RV Park — Gallup, NM

GallupNM_01We left Albuquerque, NM about Noon and Jan drove us to our new campground, USA RV Park, in Gallup, NM.

I’ve been down with a cold since Tuesday and Janet has been doing all the work, since I have the energy of a slug.

I stopped into an Albuquerque walk-in clinic on Sunday only to be told I did indeed have a cold with at least 2 to 5 more days to go. Super.

The doc prescribed some drugs and they seem to be doing their job as I’m mucho better and might actually have to start doing things soon.

Night time temps will all be in the high 20s this week. Brrrrrrrr.

Say Hi

Say Hi

NEXT STOP: Fool Hollow State Park in Show Low, AZ.

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    Gazundheit, you poor puppy. Hope the magic meds help a lot. Good going, Jan, for boogying to the next campground. Hey………20s in the evening; that’s colder than Wisconsin. We are getting 40s and some 30s at night and the reasoning is that we have reached AUTUMN. Guess it’s comforter weather from here on in. Trees are getting more colorful. Happy trails you guys. Kath

    October 15, 2013

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