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Change of Plan — Geneseo, IL


One of the Main Street Geneseo Pigs

We tried — really tried — to camp at the site we had reserved at Johnson-Sauk Recreation Area, but after a good hour of trying to jockey our motorhome into our site, it was no dice.

Our site (and many others) was not level and there were culverts on either side of the site.

At one point Jan suggested that we just drive across the entire grass campground to get into our site.

I think that’s when we knew it was time to get another campground.

We lucked out. We were able to find a campground where we could stay over through the upcoming Labor Day weekend.

We celebrated by dining out at a local restaurant . . .

What's with the pigs?

What’s with the pigs?

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  1. Mary Konopka #

    Wow… that’s too bad the site wasn’t up to par. Also, a good thing you found another suitable place. The pigs are wonderful. You could make a nice collage with tons of pig pictures. How are the puppies holding up?

    August 25, 2013
  2. Don #

    We looked at J-S but took to heart that they didn’t even offer something to fit our 43′ DSDP. We wound up taking a spot at Francis Park in Kewanee instead. Nice little park for $10 a night as long as you only need 30 amp service and it hasn’t rained much. Geneseo was our back up plan too.

    August 26, 2013
    • Geneseo is a nice little full-hookup (50A) campground surrounded by corn fields. We have a great view over their septic field. (It actually is a good view, but you wouldn’t want to drive over it. Also, no smell.)

      August 26, 2013
  3. #

    Wow, every now and then you encounter that rock and a hard place. I think it’s time you folks ran a bit of good luck. By the by, I love those funky piggies you have found. May you enjoy your time in the land of the piggies. Happy trails, Kath

    August 28, 2013

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