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OB Fuller Campground — Bark River, MI

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This park was a find, but I’m not sure how we discovered it . . . probably from

OB Fuller Campground is a small county park about 15 miles south of Escanaba, MI. There are 40 sites, 5 of which are practically on the beach. We selected one of these lake sites, but almost got our RV stuck in the sand. Thanks to the camp host and plenty of wood planks — plus great driving by the Mrs — we were able to maneuver onto solid ground. However, that took an hour in 80-degree heat.

Nevertheless, we really like the park. The beach is a short walk away and it’s very shallow. In fact, the water is knee deep for about 100 yards out. Our dogs, Flirt and Ellie, loved it as they could just wade around.

The camp host made it, though. He lives and breathes this park, and he’s always cleaning, repairing, or helping out campers. Kudos!

For Jan, the high point was a visit to an eagle’s nest that was just a short walk from our camp site.

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