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1000.2 vs 1000.4 Satellite Dishes

Updated 2/10/2016

NOTE: If you plan on using a Hopper 3 in your RV, then the only option is using a 1000.2 dish.


For DISH TV users, the two most commonly used 3-LNB open-face dishes are the 1000.2 and the 1000.4.

A 1000.2 comes standard with Western Arc (satellites 110, 119, 129) LNBs and a 1000.4 with Eastern Arc (satellites 61.5, 72.7, 77) LNBs.

However, both of these dishes can be configured for the Western Arc and the Eastern Arc satellites. Note that a 1000.2 set up with Eastern Arc LNBs will only receive sats 61.5 and 72.7. 

Here is a photo comparison between the 1000.2 and 1000.4 (Click on a photo to enlarge):


1000.2 and 1000.4 Tripod Views

1000.2 and 1000.4 Tripod Views


1000.2 vs 1000.4 Default LNB Arms

1000.2 vs 1000.4 Default LNB Arms


1000.2 vs 1000.4 LNB Arm Attachment

1000.2 vs 1000.4 LNB Arm Attachment


Skew, Azimuth, and Elevation Adjustments

Skew, Azimuth, and Elevation Adjustments

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  1. John #

    Nice job differentiating the two. Well done. Thanks

    March 20, 2015
  2. Need to up date the site Dish is not using the 77 sat it is for mainly hispanic and latino which some people don’t need. All the HD and Locals are on 61.5 and 72.7 and the installers switch out the older style head with the three LNBF’s to the newer 1000.2 dual feed which has larger scalers and is a better LNBF. the problem for most do it yourselfers like myself can’t fnd the skew angle it’s different than the Dish 500 and not the same as the 1000.4 Eastern Arc dishes. Us do it yourself duffers need a table like the point and aim charts depending on your location. help!

    August 3, 2015
    • Need to up date the site Dish is not using the 77 sat it is for mainly hispanic and latino which some people don’t need. All the HD and Locals are on 61.5 and 72.7

      You’re incorrect on both issues — 77W is not only used for network programming, but also for local stations for a number of cities.

      See 77W programming.

      August 3, 2015
  3. Scott #

    I have a tailgate dish that I’m pretty sure is 1000.2 and has WA. I need to switch to the EA lnb. Do I need the 1000.2 EA one or the 1000.4 EA one? I know that sounds simple but I want to make sure the plastic bracket fits which one I buy? Thank you,

    September 30, 2015
  4. Rich #

    I switched mine (1000.2) from western arc to eastern arc today. I used lmb 184187 twin eastern arc. The plastic yolk is used for both the eastern and western lmb.
    I needed to take the 1000.2 apart so that I could rotate it to the proper angles.

    October 2, 2015
  5. Elizabeth #

    Thank you for this; very helpful! Nice tripod and thanks for the link to it! What model number Solo Node is/are used for 1000.2 and 1000.4?

    November 14, 2015
  6. Marvin Parris #

    good OLD information…
    Dish has discontinued the 1000.4 dish and replaced with a 1000.2 EA (Eastern Arc). Now there is a 1000.2 WA and a 1000.2 EA.

    February 27, 2016
    • Yes, technically DISH has discontinued the 1000.4. However, they’re still available on eBay, and some RVers (like me) prefer the 1000.4 vs 1000.2 as the former is built better.

      February 28, 2016
    • Paul Hoefer #

      Just discovered this conversation today and have some questions.
      I pulled out a 1000.4 to bring to the east coast with me this summer which I purchased some years ago when out east and wasn’t able to see the Western Arc Sats where we were parked. I have the 1000.2 with me also. Is the 1000.4 truly discontinued? Is the LNB that came with my 1000.2 compatible with the 1000.4 when I go back west or need I obtain another? Would I be better off getting an eastern arc LNB to use with my 1000.2 (or is the one that came with my 1000.4 compatible? I much prefer the design of the 1000.4.

      May 28, 2016
      • Yes, the 1000.4 is “officially” discontinued by DISH. However, you can probably pick one up on eBay.

        No, the 1000.2 LNBs are not compatible with a 1000.4 dish. The 1000.4 has its own Eastern and Western Arc LNBs.

        If you can find a Western Arc LNB for your 1000.4 (eBay again), you’ll be fine.

        I, too, prefer the 1000.4, but have to use a 1000.2 now because the new “hybrid” LNBs only work on a 1000.2.

        May 28, 2016
  7. So, let me get this straight, the .4 is usable for both WA and EA with no issues. Great, i like the .4 better. I have also found that a DTV SWM dish can be modified to work with DISH. Have you tried that configuration?

    April 30, 2016
    • Both the DISH 1000.2 and 1000.4 can be modified for both arcs.

      Have not tried a SWM dish. How did you modify it?

      May 1, 2016
  8. I measured the feed arm of the Dish, then cut the feed arm of the DTV to match

    May 1, 2016
  9. lloyd coskey #

    Can I use a hopper in my RV?

    August 25, 2016
    • Yep, many RVers simply take their home Hopper on the road when they RV.

      With the first two generation of Hoppers (Hopper & Hopper with Sling), you can use the standard Winegard Travler rooftop dish or a standard 1000.2 or 1000.4 portable dish.

      With the new Hopper 3, it’s a little more complicated.

      August 25, 2016
      • lloyd coskey #

        Dish Rep told me they do NOT recommend Hopper for RVs.

        August 25, 2016
      • I can just tell you my experience and other RVers — Hoppers work just fine in RVs, but suit yourself.

        August 26, 2016
  10. David Leonard #

    Great stuff I am reading and trying to learn all I can as quickly as I can, but, I need some guidance. My motorhome was struck by lightning Aug 1. It took the chassis guys a month to fix it so I could drive it to Nappanee indiana (Newmar Factory) to service the coach problems. I had a Winegard Domed dish that is now “toast”. I believe it was the “companion” model? Anyway, one sat at a time and noisy as all get out. I want to upgrade the Dish to a trav’ler (multi sat) and would like to use some form of Hopper.

    However, I don’t want to void my new antenna warranty changing to the HYBRID LBNF. So I think I need a Hopper (2) with sling.

    Should I be ordering Winegard SF 1000.2 with EA or WA? Sri for the “newb” questions but I need to spec it by Tuesday September 13.

    OBTW if you use IRV2 look up my signature (park_ridge_dave) I think you’ll find my quote humorous (I like BB also lmao)

    Thanks in advance,

    September 11, 2016
    • Yes, to avoid voiding your warranty on a new Winegard Travler, opt for a Hopper w/Sling. It’s still a powerful DVR.

      For a portable (“Winegard SF”?) dish, get a standard 1000.2 which comes with a Western Arc LNBF. Then buy an Eastern Arc LNBF for the 1000.2 because you’ll never know when you need it.

      September 12, 2016
      • parkridgedave #

        Thanks Tom!

        September 12, 2016
  11. Michael Kniseley #

    RE: Note: cannot use 1000.4 with Hopper3 in RV. Please explain, I use a Tripod setup

    January 6, 2017
    • The Hopper 3 requires a Hybrid LNBF. While there are Hybrid LNBs (Western & Eastern arc) available for a 1000.2 dish, I don’t think they will work on a 1000.4 dish.

      January 6, 2017
  12. dan green #

    I just ordered a dish turbo and have 2-211 receivers, will they work together or do i need a node , switch or?

    August 15, 2017
    • You connect a 211 directly to a 1000.2 or 1000.4 dish. Since these dishes have 3 outputs, you could attach up to 3 211s.

      August 15, 2017
  13. Scott C Stanfield #

    Hello good sir,
    I have a 1000.2 dish with the DPP EA used at my tailgate that worked with Hopper 2. We now have the Hopper 3 and couldn’t get it to work this weekend. Do all I need to do this is switch the LNB to the DPH EA? Such as this: ? Any help would be appreciated, thank you for your hard work on these pages.

    Thank you,

    Columbus, GA
    3-00 WRBL COLUMBUS, GA (CBS) – 5291 HD 61.5° 28s36 A (cbs) 5291 HD 77° 17 A (cbs)
    9-00 WTVM COLUMBUS, GA (ABC) – 5290 HD 61.5° 28s36 A (abc) 5290 HD 77° 17 A (abc)
    28-00 WJSP COLUMBUS, GA (PBS) – 5294 HD 61.5° 28s36 A () 5294 HD 77° 17 A ()
    38-00 WLTZ COLUMBUS, GA (NBC) – 5292 HD 61.5° 28s36 A (nbc) 5292 HD 77° 17 A (nbc)
    49-00 WLGA OPELIKA, AL – 5295 SD 61.5° 28s36 A 5295 SD 77° 17 A
    54-00 WXTX COLUMBUS, GA (FOX) – 5293 HD 61.5° 28s36 A (fox) 5293 HD 77° 17 A (fox)

    October 2, 2017
  14. John gallman #

    I just purchased a new motorhome that was equipped with Directv. The dealer converted it the Winegard to Dish. The Winegard locks in on 110, 119, and 129 but only displays 119. Any ideas? Neither Dish nor Winegard know the solution.

    October 21, 2019
    • If the Winegard only displays 119, how do you know it has locked onto the other sats?

      October 21, 2019
      • John #

        It displays locked on all three but the tv on shows programming for 119

        October 21, 2019
      • Paul Hoefer #

        Have you run “Test Switch”?

        October 22, 2019
      • John Gallman #

        After talking with Winegard and Entegra it was determined when the dealer changed to Dish from Directv the SWM and splitter were not removed. I removed the SWM and replaced the splitter and all works well!

        October 23, 2019
  15. Farmgirl #

    Thank you for sharing all your know how on satellite TV on the go. I have a Dish TV Outdoor subscription with wally and tailgater system to use in a cabin on my folks property. I help them out on farm as pops is 89. While this has been an ok way to go I want to change to a regular permanent dish. Im in Minnesota so need western arc. I think I need a 1000.2 WA. Can you confirm for me that will work with a wally…I’ve read it will but that’s from sources who sell them…want to confirm. Can you refer me to a reputable seller who would have a 1000.2 with a roof/building mount arm rather than tripod? Snow gets real deep here…tripod won’t cut 6 foot drifts. Please help. I have found someone who will align for me.

    December 5, 2020
    • Yes, a 1000.2 WA should work. However, some local stations in your area may use the EA. Check with DISH.

      December 5, 2020
  16. Cliff Maurand #

    Having strange problem. I use 1000.2 ea2 dual lnb manual tripod with my RV. about 5 weeks ago I got to Moody Beach in Wells Maine. Had a huge problem getting some channels to lock in on 61.5, but only on certain transponders, others transponders locked in with great signal. Hadfully open sky (no tree’s anywhere). You should note that I move every 2 to 3 weeks and quite adept at setting up, also used to be a direct tv installer.

    After 2 weeks moved to Old Orchard Beach Maine, had to point dish between two tree’s to get signal with no issues. Then 2 weeks later moved to another site in same campground, and though I’m aimed over a tree top, I’m back to the same issue as before. I even raised the mast a foot just in case the tree may have been the problem. Messed with dish aiming for 3 days straight.

    Finally realized what was going on, I’d loose those channels/transponders after the sun came up and shined directly on my dish. About 6pm the dish would be in the shade and my channels came back, weak signal but everything worked.

    Logic dictates that if it works at night but not in the day, it can’t be my dish alignment skills at fault. Also since I get solid lock & strong signals on 61.5 on other transponders, then my dish must be aimed properly.

    My conclusion is that the LNB has gone spur on me, and no longer wants to work when it’s hot. (Last night my channels didn’t come back on until 9pm, it was hot & humid & didn’t cool down outside until late).

    So have you ever seen a similar problem? Does it make sense? I’ll buy another LNB after my next paycheck, but before spending money would like a 2nd opinion on this. Your thoughts please?

    June 28, 2021
    • Sidney #

      Any thing is possible, I had long that saw all three sats but just even transponders

      December 26, 2021
  17. Michael Rios #

    I’m new to this. I bought a used dish which I’m pretty sure is 1000.2. The one thing I haven’t figured out is how to know whether the LNB is WA or EA. All clues gratefully appreciated!

    December 16, 2021

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