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O Canada!

Our Journey North (click on map to enlarge)

We crossed the border into Canada yesterday afternoon and were immediately set upon by armed Canadian militia who have imprisoned us in chain link cages.

Just kidding.

It was a lonnnng trip (for us) from the Spokane area to Cranbrook, BC. About 5 hours. We’ve been used to driving less that 100 miles for a while, so this trip was a haul.

Nevertheless, we camped at the Crandon / St Eugene KOA (Kampgrounds Of America). We usually avoid KOAs as they are the McDonald’s of campgrounds — pricey, not much substance, but a guaranteed level of mediocrity.

However, the Cranbrook KOA was different from the get go. It was the sign on the office that clued us in . . .

Ok, so it’s run by the Ktunaxa Nation


The Ktunaxa Nation opened this KOA just a year ago in 2018. So, firstly, the campground is brand new, but it’s the “room service” that got us — They Deliver Food to Your RV Site.

So after a 5-hour drive nothing beats having a burger delivered to your motorhome door. Yowzah!

The campground is spread out with great views of nearby mountains . . .


We Are There

Also, the KOA is built several kilometers (not “miles” anymore) from town and it’s next to the St Mary River . . .



  • We have been able to mingle freely with the inhabitants. I guess we’re passing as Canadians.
  • The local Safeway only had Eveready and not Duracell batteries. Also, no Keebler cookies. Plus, they don’t sell wine or hard stuff in the Safeway. Had to travel to a liquor store, but found Tanqueray 10!!! Been looking for that ambrosia for ages.
  • So far it’s been debit/credit card only. No cash.
  • Though DISH satellite TV worked just fine (and with Spokane local stations), HBO wouldn’t let us stream the Little Big Lies finale as we were no longer in the US.
  • Finally, as soon as we crossed the border my AT&T Mobley died and Verizon switched over to TELUS with a 500 MB daily data limit, but the KOA WiFi saved the day.


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  1. Mary Hughes #

    Wow.. you made it!! When I watched the video of your campground all I could think about was.. forested hills teeming with grizzlies.. watching every move the campers make and pick out the specially delicious-looking ones.. YA! Mary The site is beautiful.. just don’t get eaten.. please.


    July 22, 2019

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