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Snow in Late April (RV nightmare)

Snow in Late April (RV nightmare)

While looking through some old photos, I found some Winter pictures from our former Green Bay home.

I look at them when I think the weather is too hot in the Southwest.

God, how I miss getting up at 4 am to snow blow our driveway so that we could get our cars out on the road and slide to work on the black ice.

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  1. emhuze609 #

    Looks like scenes from The Wasteland.. yuk. I vote YES! for warm, dry weather.


    August 2, 2015
  2. You were lucky, living in Milwaukee we had a 12 family apartment and I’d be up at the same time to snow blow 110’ of sidewalk and an 18 car parking lot (being careful to blow snow only towards the building as the other direction was public alley-way, and fine-able.) Do not miss those days at all.

    August 3, 2015

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