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Batteries are heavy

Geez Louise, I was feeling my age (70 in January) today.

I replaced our RV’s two engine batteries (12V Interstate 31-MHD) and four house batteries (6V Lifeline GPL-4CT).

Heavy and lots of wires

I thought it would be a 1-hour job.  Two-and-one-half hours later I was done. Really done. All tolled I schlepped 768 pounds of lead (removing 384 pounds of old lead and then lifting in 384 pounds of new lead).

Out with the Old


I tried to start our Newmar last week, and it wouldn’t turn over. A 12V battery should actually be over 12 volts . . .

Good Batteries


However, my engine batteries weren’t even close. Then I remembered that they were probably over 10 years old . . .

Bad Batteries


Since I had to replace the engine batteries, I thought it was also time to replace the four, 7-year-old house batteries.

Heavy and expensive, but this should be the last time.




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